How does Polyfono work?

What is Polyfono?

Polyfono is an audio processing service that allows our customers to dynamically adjust the sound of the browser. It works as a host for audio plugins chained arbitrarily, producing amazing audio effects. There's always something new to discover, and more plugins are added constantly!

Can i use Polyfono for any website?

Yes, with Polyfono Chrome Extension you can enjoy the Polyfono sound for any website such as YouTube, Netflix, Spotify etc. in the Google Chrome Browser.

Can i use Polyfono for my own audiovisual media?

Not yet, as we are still building the Polyfono Web Media Player. With the player you 'll be able to enjoy the Polyfono sound for your own media such as mp3, wav, avi etc. by importing them into the web application. The available formats wil be the ones supported by your browser.